Ridge to Reef Expeditions (R2R) was launched in 2014 by the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE). TIDE is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in southern Belize that co-manages three protected areas – two terrestrial and one marine – in partnership with the Government of Belize. TIDE works with local communities to raise environmental awareness, build capacity to manage natural resources and foster sustainable economic development.


TIDE’s mission is “to engage stakeholders in the sustainable management of natural resources in the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor of southern Belize for the benefit of all.”

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To enable TIDE to sustain and expand its vital conservation and development efforts, there was a need to get more people out in the field – and our R2R expedition teams do just that. Volunteers carry out important field research, education and conservation actions that are making a significant contribution to TIDE’s mission: protecting wildlife and its habitats, raising awareness, empowering local communities and sustaining natural resources into future in the unspoiled Maya Mountain Marine Corridor.

All proceeds from R2R expeditions go directly into the management and protection of the beautiful areas you will discover during your time with us.