“I found the whole experience simply amazing! From this experience I have gained an understanding of a totally new country, culture and way of life, as well as an insight into the way TIDE works.”

Matt U.
UK, 2014.

“My 9 weeks spent with TIDE have been one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences of my life. I can’t recommend the experience enough and hope one day I get to do it again.”

Hannah Holah
UK, 2014.

“This summer has provided all of us with a first-hand view of how conservation works when it’s done well. The organization’s dedication, not just to the environment, but to the community as well, is inspiring.”

Hanna Johnson
USA, 2014.

“It has been by far the best two months of my life…”

Emma Ashton
UK, 2014

What other Ridge to Reefers had to say

  • “One of the first nights in Belize at the Big Falls house, I was laid in bed and all I could hear was the frogs. I never knew in a million years that frogs could make such a loud noise, and they were going for hours!”

  • “I loved the magnificent thunderstorms that we heard every night and the beautiful untouched beaches.”

  • “I have only positive remarks of the staff and about their amazing role they play towards making TIDE a wonderful organization. The staff are well knowledgeable and love their jobs. Together they all make a positive difference because they are focused and driven with passion.”

  • “Having a Belizean volunteer on the expedition added a ton of cultural context. It added diversity of perspective, and gave us insight into the country that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

  • “The staff were all extremely welcoming and friendly. They all seemed as pleased to have us as we were to be there!”

  • One of my favorite things was… “On one of the last dives we did. We ascended from a murky area of water into this crystal clear space where there were fish everywhere. It was breathtaking.”

  • “One of my favourite things was getting to meet and work alongside so many different people. From the very start of the expedition, everyone we met and worked with was so welcoming and so friendly, it really did feel like a one big family.”

  • “Two memorable moments from the expedition were learning how to SCUBA dive and being fortunate enough to see a hawksbill sea turtle, an endangered species, lay its egg for the survival of its species.”

  • One of my favorite things was… “How we were immersed in Belizean culture and experiencing a country in its natural state. It was a total adventure from the start and I didn’t want it to end – I miss it every day! The variation of activities meant that we were constantly learning about different aspects of conservation and experiencing it first hand.”

  • My most memorable moment was… “The diving out at the Sapodilla Cayes. I was buddied up with Willie and we were spearing lionfish. When he speared one, all of a sudden maybe like 10 Nassau grouper came out of nowhere and they were trying to get the dead lionfish on the spear. They were coming right up to us and our masks. Bearing in mind these Nassau grouper were HUGE, it was quite a surreal experience!”

  • “Before the expedition, I didn’t know what I wanted to do… Now, it’s very clear in my mind what I want to do as a career… marine conservation. It has made me more passionate and more motivated than ever to get were I want to be and land myself a job that I love.”

  • “The educational seminars were great.”

Stats on customer satisfaction

*These stats are taken from a feedback survey of our summer 2014 group expedition.

Why we are different

  • 100% of participants would recommend Ridge to Reef Expeditions
  • 100% of participants felt they were a direct part of TIDE’s work
  • 85% of participants felt they gained qualifications and experience for their CV/resume
  • 100% of participants felt that the amounts of time spent on conservation, scuba diving, recreation, and experiencing local culture were well-balanced
  • 100% of participants felt supported when they had a concern or issue

If you’d like to speak with past volunteers about their experiences, please send us your name and email and we’ll add you to a Facebook group where you can connect.

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